UpaDowna at City Rock

22 11 2010
Slackline Visions crew

Beer and Gear Event
Waking up at 6:00am on a Saturday morning in order to get a few last minute things together, before the Slackline Visions crew and I headed down the road to Colorado Springs to do a little slacklining at the UpaDowna event.The crew included, Mama T, Nathaniel,Vanessa, Derek, Jess, Tyler and myself. There were two other members that were to be on the trip, but had to cancel because of getting sick, unfortunately it is that time of year. Get well soon guys!

Vanessa on the highline

As a group we left the house by 9:00am, for a quick hour drive to Colorado Springs. upon arriving we had to make a quick stop and pick up a few things  from our friends at Gearonimo in the Springs area.
Setting up took no time at all, especially when you have a good group of people to work with. With a 80ft long highline and two slackline’s it was time to let the fun begin! The turnout was great, everybody seemed to be having a good time with lots of activities to take part in.

There was of course climbing, bouldering, highlining, slacklining, unicycling, potato races and a electric scooter that was brought by Gearonimo for people to ride. The venders included Evolv climbing shoes, Gearonimo, Climb-Axe, Synergy massage, acupuncture and Slackline Visions. UpaDowna really knows how to through a party. Midway through the event I decided to get on the highline and walk it a couple of times followed by Moma T, Vanessa and Nathaniel. What was exciting about the last three highliners was that it was there first time on a highline! Being able to top rope belay the highliner makes the highliner feel more safe and confidant about walking a slackline highup. We were having such a great time that before we new it the party was over and time to pack up. Before we left town we were invited the bar for a couple of tasty beers. After saying good bye to new friends, we were on the road back to denver. Thank you Steve and Joe for making this event happen.

Setting up at UpaDowna

Brought to you by Slackline Visions

Written by Josh Beaudoin


Highline Projects

20 11 2010

Lately my time has been spent hanging out in Breckenridge Colorado setting up crazy lines over the creek in town, with my main goal of establishing some first ascent highlines in the area. After scouting for a couple of days, Kellen and I discovered a sweet line, one that is 80ft high, 60ft long, and comes with a pretty amazing veiw of the rising rocky peaks of Colorado. For now, the location of the highline will have to be a mystery due to the fact that a little more work needs to be done and it has not been walked yet. Kellon and I agreed that we would come back within a week to bolt the line. So the following Saturday I met up with Kellen with all the gear to bolt the line. Before we got on the road there was one more thing that we had to do, and if you have frequented the town of Breckenridge you would know that everyone who passes through has to stop by Daylight Donuts for some amazing breakfast and delicious donuts. After getting our fill we were off to our mysterious location. We were dropped off by our good friend Teresa and left for the day so we could bolt this new line. The weather forecast for the day was definitely not in our favor. Up to 40 mph wind, snow on the ground and temperatures in the teens. We both took our chances as we hiked away from our drop off point to our highline destination. We did make sure that we packed the right gear and food to be there for a while if conditions got too bad to bolt. As we got down to the place of business, we got started right away. The time now was spent inspecting the rock for cracks as well as for smooth and solid places to bolt. For the bolting material I chose the usual 1/2 inch by 4 inch bolts to go into the granite rock. Our method of bolting was to bolt with hammer and drill. Although it takes a bit more time and effort in order to bolt a line, in the end it’s worth it because it has one spending more time focused on bolt placement. At the end of the day when walking such a line, all of the hard work and effort adds to the positive accomplishment of such an experience. The spot we were bolting at was unique in that it sheltered us from the high winds that were blowing past a couple hundred feet up. For a good thirty minutes we were able to bolt in just t-shirts until it got cold enough to warrant our coats. The day went better than expected, we finished bolting both sides of the highline with two bolts each and felt good about the placement in under four hours. We decided to use two bolts on each side because there is some great natural protection on both sides of the highline to attach another anchor to. After packing up all the equipment, it was time to start walking towards the rondevou point to meet our ride. Being fortunate with weather, Kellen and I had an amazing day. We will keep you posted on when this highline is walked and the name it is given. Thanks for following along on another Slackline Visions adventure! Story by Josh Beaudoin