It’s time to slack!

30 01 2011


It’s time to slack! It is January and it feels like spring, you gotta love Colorado. Last Friday was the first Colorado School of Mines (CSM) slackline club meeting for the spring semester. CSM, a prominent  engineering college located in Golden, Colorado has a thriving slackline club. Mickey Wilson, founder and president of the club started the group last year and has 100+ students on the email list. One student states that ” slacklining is a great way to relax and to regain some focus between the classes here at the college”.

As I arrived with Teresa, there were already 25 people standing around the 4 slackline’s that were up. There were two Gibbons and two traditional lines up. Teresa and I began to set up the lines we brought, which were the Gibbons surf line and a threaded line. Since this was my second time on the Gibbons surf line I was still getting acquainted with it, but I have to say that line kicks ass! They named it the surf line for a reason and surfing is your trick of choice like mine, then I would recommend to put this on your list of things to get. It was an awesome day, 60 degrees, 6 slackline setups and new people to slack with. Throughout the day there was a steady flow of traffic on the slacklines with the group no smaller than 30 students at any given time. If you were a student heading to your next class you would think that slacklining is taking over the campus. For the curious females, there were a handful of women trying out their skills on the line. Slacklining is not just for the guys! I‘ve seen some women with skills that would rival 99% of the guys that I have slacklined with. Slacklining is for everyone. Since the club promotes tree wraps to protect the trees and equipment, campus security doesn’t bother the group. With slackline adventures and special events in the mix with Slackline Visions, it will be an exciting summer for the club. One thing is for sure this CSM slackline club is not going anywhere except one step closer to enlightenment. Brought to you by Slackline Visions
Written by Josh Beaudoin 


A Bunch of Slackers

24 01 2011

Mike Payton was in town for the week and invited all slackers down to Chatauqua Park to try out the 300fter he had set up. Without hesitating I made my way to the park. Upon arriving, the longline was already set up, as well as a Gibbons slackline. The group of slackers were each waiting for their turn to tryout their skills on this 300’ slackline.  So while we waited we slacked on the Gibbons  and started a small game of hacky sack.
Mike grabbed the first ascent and cruised the line with ease several times before giving it up to the next slacker. Next up was Emily who is a pro slacker for Gibbon.  Her talents reflected on the 300fter as she sent it down and back with ease, it would be safe to say that she is amongst a handful of women who have sent a line this long; way to

Emily on her 300ft send

go Emily! Some of the other slackers gave it their best but fell off a third of the way down the line.
Well known slacker Jeremy, who slacks for Gibbon walked the line with ease. Now it was my turn.  After a month long break due to a slackline injury, I was feeling a little nervous.  Being the heaviest in the group, like usual, I took my time while walking and I was literally a couple inches off the deck. I guess I just need to lose some weight. With several close calls, I finally made it to the other side. Knowing my limits I decided to dismount, take a break and collect my thoughts. Before taking the line down I did make one more lap followed by Mike walking it a handful more. After the dismantling of this grand line it was off to The Spot bouldering gym for some more slacklining.  Our slackline session came to an end a few hours later as we all decided to head to the pizza joint for some much needed calories.
-Written by Josh Beaudoin
Brought to you by Slackline Visions

The Slackline Spot

12 01 2011

Thats right the Spot climbing gym is the place to go when it comes to quality slacklining indoors. The gym was one of the first of its kind to support the slackline community in Colorado, when slacklining was known to few. The slackline community has grown immensely over the last five years and now everyone seems to want to give it a try. The Spot has helped cultivate some of the best slackliners in the world. So a few days ago I decided to stop by for a slackline session. As  expected, there was a group of slackers already on the line. Some I knew and some I met for the first time. Meeting new slackliners is always fun and its a great way to learn new styles of the discipline and to meet positive people. One thing I noticed is that more slackers commonly wear high tops, and the popular brands are Osiris, Nike and Five Ten. If you are progressing to the next level of slacklining I would suggest looking into the brands mentioned above. It turned out to be a great slackline session and on my breaks from the slackline I had some great conversations with the other slackers about the sport. After being there for three hours, it was time to go home and rest, but on the drive back I had some new variations of tricks to think about for the next time. So if you’re ever looking for a great spot to do some indoor slackin, then come and check out the Spot climbing gym in Boulder for your fix!

Dan performing a stomach bounce.


Carissa practicing her moves on the line.


New Videos

12 01 2011

Here are a couple of short videos just uploaded for you slackers to view. One a slackline comedy and the other a slackline journey of places and events, enjoy!

Slackline comedy

A slackline journey

Diagonal line

5 01 2011

Said called me up to see if I wanted to set up a line. Since I have been cooped up in the house on the computer for the past couple of days I was anxious to get out of the house to set up a slackline. Now the next question was where should we set up a line, after thinking about all the lines we could set up, a line that I have had in the works for a while came up. This line was not your average line, it was unique in the fact that it was to be set up on a bridge at a diagonal angle, from corner to corner. Thinking it would be cold we decided to start setting up in the afternoon instead of the morning. The bridge was about 190ft long and about 12ft wide. The plan for setting up was to string a line diagonal, from corner to corner to the ends of the bridge, something that I have not done before.

So Said, and Carisa arrived at the house with the gear ready to go and Anthony was on his way to help set up. As we got to the bridge we noticed  that there was snow still on the ground, and realized that the line that I had brought was a little short. So instead of walking a 190fter, we had to settle for a 170ft line instead. After rigging up the anchors the biggest challenge to this line ended up in pulling it tight, once again we had to redo the pulley distance and pull it tight  three times to get it right. I guess the only excuse that I could come up with is being to excited and having a new tubular line to stretch. On the third time we pulled it tight we recruited some passer by’s, to help pull the line tight. Once tight, the only thing left to do was to test the line out with a walk. I was up first, the start was a little awkward due to the fact that you are really close to the side in the beginning but with each step you achieve more space and the line begins to feel like a normal long line. The next challenge came as I passed the middle, being the heavy guy in the group put me about two inches off the ground in the middle, but after that it was smooth sailing. Said was up next and crushed it and adding his style of tricks to the line as well. As for the other two, Carisa attempted it twice, putting a lot of focus into it and making it a good distance down the line before dismounting. And Anthony having to sit out because of just getting his cast off and not wanting to re-injure himself. Which in my opinion is a good choice, knowing when to quit is one of the best attributes a person can have when participating in such a sport. It is something that I struggle with a lot. Even though the sun never came out, we all had a blast! This was another great slackline adventure!
Brought to you by Slackline Visions
and written by Josh Beaudoin