A Quick Slackline Session

28 02 2011

Clear Creek is right down by my house, so I usually walk along the creek to clear my thoughts and get some exercise. As I’m walking I can’t help but notice spots to slackline across at different parts of the creek. The issue with a line across the creek lies with the kayakers and tubers.  Over the years the City of Golden has transformed Clear Creek into an atmosphere of all sorts of fun, from barbecues to reading a book, floating the creek via inter-tube or kayaking, there is something for every one. There is even slacklining between trees. So the issue would be slacklining over the creek. In the summer the creek definitely belongs to the tubers and kayaks. Setting up a line would be ill-advised due to the safety hazard it presents. Most lines that could be set up along the creek would be low enough to snag or clothesline a tuber or kayaker. In this case, I would be more concerned with the line disruption that the kayaker or tuber would create by running into the line and the the end result would be me falling off of the line.
Since it is February there were no tubers or kayakers in sight. So it was time to attack. The line ended up being 80ft long and about 6 ft off the ground. I managed to get Mickey and Tom from the CSM slacklining club to join Teresa and I. The setup was easy, the only thing that could have been done differently was making sure there were no twists, as there was one full twist in the line. This was a great opportunity to get a quick session in before the slackline road trip throughout the states that started the next day. Mickey and I both managed to walk the line without getting wet and as for Tom, he gave it a valiant attempt, but did not make it to the other side. Nonetheless it was a great way to spend a Thursday afternoon with a quick slackline session before a long road trip.
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Written by Josh Beaudoin





Slackline Bloopers

13 02 2011

Over the past year slackline visions has been to a lot of different events and we have set up some crazy lines in between. Looking back there were a lot of serious, epic and exciting times, but the moments that stood out the most were the ones that didn’t go according to plan. Check out this link to you tube on Slackline Bloopers.

Urban Slackline

9 02 2011


For the past few days we have had a cold spell run through Golden with temperatures reaching down to -18 below zero. So when the weather cleared I was pleased to throw the slackline in the bag and walk to a spot where I could set up and slack. Now-a-days I tend to look for lines that have a creative spark to them, so every time I set up a line it’s not always the same. My cousin Alex was with me, so we walked until we found the perfect spot.
A mile down the road and underneath a bridge is where we began to set up the line. This was an urban setting that had a crazy appeal to it. With the slanted concrete side and the slackline anchored to the pylons, this was definitely unique. One side of the line was 5 ft off the ground and the other only 2 feet off of the deck. Alex and I walked for about an hour before we noticed another line that should be set up. After de-rigging, a couple friends showed up to watch the next line that was to be put up.  The distance spanning over this small creek was about 55 ft long and 15 ft high.

About 20 minutes later the line was up and ready to be walked. Overall the line felt great, it was nice to get a little exposure after being cooped up for several days. The best part of the day was watching my cousin walk the first line we set up from end to end, his second time ever being on a slackline. I might have to come back to this place soon, it was good to slack somewhere different.

Written by Josh Beaudoin
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City Rock balance workshop

4 02 2011

For all you slackers out there passing through Colorado Springs you must not miss the opportunity to stop by the City Rock climbing gym! With the help of Slackline Visions they have two slacklines and one highline that is belayed by top rope and is 80ft long. On Wednesday I had the opportunity to teach a slackline workshop at City Rock which is well known for embracing slacklining.  As I only expected 3 to 6 people to be interested in the slacklining workshop,  much to my surprise there were about 25 people that were waiting for the class to begin.  Though Slackline Visions has taught many slackline workshops, this was the first of its kind at City Rock. So I was stoked by the interest of so many new faces. The City Rock climbing gym has definitely been a major player in helping the slackline community grow. My cousin Alex flew in for the week to hang out, so it was nice of him to volunteer some of his time to help things go smoothly during the slackline workshop. Matt who works at the gym was there to give some help as well, which is much appreciated!
After giving a demo on the line the class was pumped to try it themselves. I had to change up the structure of the class due to the large number of people in attendance. The three main activities were highlining, slacklining on the two low lines and lastly using different balance mediums to encourage good balance techniques. Knowing the potential turnout for the next class, there will be a few more stations next time.  I definitely had a blast and met a lot of great people. Most of the people that I got to work with seemed to enjoy it and grew leaps and bounds with their technique and balance  progress.  There were a lot of slackers there that were doing some pretty sweet tricks and displaying some unique styles to go with it. I am definitely looking forward to the next time which will be right around the corner. So stay tuned, thanks again City Rock!
Written by Josh Beaudoin
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The ultimate slackline piece of equipment

2 02 2011

The all around forecast for Colorado was calling for beautiful skies. So with slacklines in hand, Teresa and I went up to a friends house in the mountains. The friend that I was going to visit had some pretty cool toys, one in particular  was the bobcat. If it didn’t cost so much I would recommend every slacker to get one. The bobcat pulls the line tight with ease, and leaves little to no work at all. While sorting through the gear, Dillon fired up the bobcat. Ready to go, I hopped in the bucket of the bobcat as Dillon passed by. Dillon suggested that we attach the line to a steel shipping container he had around back. The shipping container was ten feet high and the perfect thing to attach an anchor to. After the anchor was made, Dillon put the bobcat in reverse and stopped about 60ft later. This line was the easiest line I’ve ever set up, the bobcat adjusted the tension quite quickly. Since the line was only ten ft off the deck, no leash was necessary. It was a fun quick walk, then off to the next. We hooked up two more lines like this, one across a field and the other a frozen pond. After taking the line over the frozen pond down, the creek path to the south of the pond caught my eye. It was actually a huge ditch that the creek ran through, and was a perfect place to set up a slackline. I had a old threaded line that was perfect for this 60ft span. As Dillon pulled the line back it began to get tight, “stop” I yelled, and he kept going another 6 inches and it was enough to break the outer line.The line was pretty worn to begin with and broke at the line locker. The good news is that the inside line did not break and looked brand new. After replacing the line with a new one, I was ready for the next walk, which involved a motorcycle jumping over the line while I was doing a pose in the middle. Bobby (Dillon’s neighbor) had a nice bike with enough power to do the job. The only thing left to do was to build the kicker big enough so that the bike cleared the slacker and the ditch. Dillon started to build the jump with the bobcat while Bobby warmed up on the bike. The line was set, and with a little encouragement from Dillon, Bobby was ready to go. I got on the line and was a little nervous. As the bike approached the line I held fast and peeked with one eye. With just a little mud thrown in my face, the bike went a couple feet over my head no problem. After doing the jump a handful more times it was time to pack up and head back to town. It was an awesome day and much thanks to Dillon, Tara, Bobby and Teresa for a good time!

Brought to you by Slackline Visions
Written by Josh Beaudoin