City Rock balance workshop

4 02 2011

For all you slackers out there passing through Colorado Springs you must not miss the opportunity to stop by the City Rock climbing gym! With the help of Slackline Visions they have two slacklines and one highline that is belayed by top rope and is 80ft long. On Wednesday I had the opportunity to teach a slackline workshop at City Rock which is well known for embracing slacklining.  As I only expected 3 to 6 people to be interested in the slacklining workshop,  much to my surprise there were about 25 people that were waiting for the class to begin.  Though Slackline Visions has taught many slackline workshops, this was the first of its kind at City Rock. So I was stoked by the interest of so many new faces. The City Rock climbing gym has definitely been a major player in helping the slackline community grow. My cousin Alex flew in for the week to hang out, so it was nice of him to volunteer some of his time to help things go smoothly during the slackline workshop. Matt who works at the gym was there to give some help as well, which is much appreciated!
After giving a demo on the line the class was pumped to try it themselves. I had to change up the structure of the class due to the large number of people in attendance. The three main activities were highlining, slacklining on the two low lines and lastly using different balance mediums to encourage good balance techniques. Knowing the potential turnout for the next class, there will be a few more stations next time.  I definitely had a blast and met a lot of great people. Most of the people that I got to work with seemed to enjoy it and grew leaps and bounds with their technique and balance  progress.  There were a lot of slackers there that were doing some pretty sweet tricks and displaying some unique styles to go with it. I am definitely looking forward to the next time which will be right around the corner. So stay tuned, thanks again City Rock!
Written by Josh Beaudoin
Brought to you by Slackline Visions





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