Highline Interview

27 04 2011

Make sure and check out extreme highliner Terry Acomb’s exclusive interview here on the blog.


Women’s Slackline Workshop

24 04 2011

On the Colorado School of Mines campus in Golden, twice a semester Slackline Visions has the opportunity to teach a slackline workshop to the Women’s Rock Climbing class. We have had the privilege for three years now and always look forward to slackin it up with the class. Some of the girls have taken the class a couple years in a row and it is nice to see the progress they make over the years. This time around I had some help from two friends from the slackline community Cassie and Taylor. It was nice to have them there to give their advice and support. It was a great day to be be out on the line. Maybe next time we can set the line up over water to make it more challenging.

Brought to you by Slackline Visions

Slackline Competition

21 04 2011

Members of the comp

Golden Classic Slackline Competition

What an amazing weekend! The first slackline competition, The Thaw in  Golden, Colorado. Conditions for a great day could not have been better.  The weather was great, there were so many  slacklines to choose from and  the turnout was above expected.
Many thanks to the CSM slackline club and club president Mickey Wilson for allowing Slackline Visions to host the slackline comp at The Thaw.


Evan performing a back flip during the comp

Taylor performing the double knee drop

Arriving in Kafadar Commons at 7:30 am in the morning, it was time to set up for the big day.  At the heart of Slackline Visions, Said and Ed were there to help out with the colossal task of setting up so many lines. In two hours we had 9 lines set up, with lines ranging from the one inch classic to Gibbons and long training lines to choose from. One thing that was huge for the event was the vendor support,  Adam was there to represent from the Spot bouldering gym in Boulder Colorado,  Matt came from the City Rock climbing gym in the Colorado Springs area to represent the slackline community and finally Brian with Climb-Axe was there selling locking and non-locking carabiners, along with rappel rings and steel carabiners at unheard of prices.  Needless to say a lot of slackers were happy to increase their gear stash.  Since Said, Ed and I got done ahead of time, we found some time to to have a little slackline session before the party started. At the event we had the opportunity to teach a slackline workshop which turned out great. Said and I had 6 people at the workshop. 2:00 pm rolled around and it was time for the competition to begin. I want to thank all the volunteers for helping- Said, Mama T, Laurie, Ed, Zach and Jess for helping out. I have to say that I had a blast in the comp. Everything was smooth for the most part, we even had entertainment by Tom who dressed up for the occasion and did quite well for himself.  Thanks to Laurie and MamaT for holding the logistical part of the competition in check. It was nice to see everyone’s different style, I myself walked away with a few ideas for different variations of tricks. I found it interesting to find three different shoe brands at the event. They were Osiris, Five Ten and Nike. For best trick it goes to Matt Schneider for landing a 360 to one arm hand stand and for the girls, Tyler nailing a one armed splits pose. There were 6 girls that signed up for the comp and they all came showcasing their own style on the line. Taylor landed some pretty sweet variations taking first place, Carissa in second and Tyler came in third. In the mens bracket the stylish Alpha Mike stepped into first place, Josh in second and the crowd favorite, Hayden in third. Hayden who has only been in the slackline game a little over a year was tearing it up landing some hard tricks! When Hayden’s on the line he definitely grabs your attention with his unique style. As for Mike Payton how could one be more consistent when landing tricks. Mike looked super solid landing several front flips throughout the competition, landing them all with ease. Amongst the slacker’s at the comp Hailey was there to show her support for the slacklining community. For those who don’t know her, she is one of the sickest slackline chicks around. She is recovering from an injury that happened a couple of months ago and says she will be back to slacklining very soon! All and all it was a great day to be out slacklining!  At one point I counted over 150 people at the event.  I want to say thank you to everyone that volunteered for the competition – Said, Mama T, Laurie, Ed,  Adam, Matt, Mickey, Brian, Zach, and Anthony.  This event was brought to you by Slackline Visions,  CSM slackline club,  The Spot bouldering gym,  City Rock climbing gym,  The Colorado Mountain Club  The Alpine Mountaineering Museum, Gearonimo,  Climb-Axe, Alison Stoltz-Radiant Massage,  Woodys Pizza and  Ace-Hi Tavern
Brought to you by Slackline Visions
Written by Josh Beaudoin

Sand and Snow

12 04 2011

A good friend of mine Giulia, suggested that we head out to  southern Colorado for some adventure amongst the sand dunes. Seeing as how I am a pushover when it comes to spontaneous outdoor activities, I said yes under one circumstance and that is as long as I could bring the slackline! I had slacked on sandy beaches before but where we were going there was no salt water or humidity, which made all the difference in the world. There is something about the sand at the beach that tends to get everywhere, while the sand at the dunes is dry and does not stick. Since there were no trees where we wanted to set up, I made sure to bring the A-frames. Upon arrival the weather was not looking good but that meant nothing to us because we were going to slackline come rain, sunshine or snow. Waiting out a small storm early in the  afternoon, we were soon ready to scope out a spot to set up. Giulia and I walked around a bit before we made up our minds on where we were going to slack. Giulia brought a sled to make things easier to haul all of the gear and I have to say that it worked great! It was a perfect time to set up the A-frames since the earlier rain  had made the ground stable for creating the anchors. The only problem was the clouds that loomed overhead in the distance. Having finally arrived at our planned destination Giulia and I were literally getting ready to set up when a light fog engulfed us followed by the sounds of  thunder. We appeared to be right in the middle of a nasty snowstorm that seemed to be rapidly getting bigger. Since this was the last thing that I was expecting in the sand dunes, my thought process turned from happy thoughts of slacking to holy shit (survival mode)  At one point Giulia mentioned we should maybe wait for a minute to see what the weather would do and it was almost like the weather answered it instead with another loud crack of thunder. I thought it was quite amazing how disoriented one could be in the desert , the environment resembled a Colorado 14er in January. By the time we got to the car our tracks were nearly covered. It was back to camp to wait the storm out for a couple hours and just like that the clouds parted with the sun shining  bright. So it was back to the original plan to set up on a sand dune. It didn’t take long to get to the spot where we had made
our hasty retreat. Setting up the A-frames took a quite a bit of digging in order to create strong enough anchors. When it was all said and done we were only able to walk it once before the anchor pulled. Next time we will have to use longer rebar. Even though we spent more of our efforts trying to set up than we actually got to slackline, it was still a great learning experience. So instead of slacklining we decided to try maybe the first of its kind “slackline sand art” . This will be a place to come back to in the future but with more equipment in order to slackline and more people to help participate in the slackline sand art.
Brought to you by Slackline Visions
Written by Josh Beaudoin