Outdoor Activity Fair for Military Kids

27 07 2011


With temperatures exceeding 100 degrees it would have been safe to say that it was getting hot. Down in Colorado Springs, Co, Slackline Visions had the opportunity to set up and slack for UpaDowna. The event was at America the Beautiful Park to promote the outdoor activity fair for military kids. Slackline Visions was one of twenty vendors who were in attendance for the event.The scene was all types of people and families playing in the fountain or participating in one of the games that were organized by UpaDowna. Once the slackline was up it was like a magnet for all the kids and random passerby’s. Since there were no trees in the park the A-frames were used to set up the line. As usual the crowd got excited with seeing trick after trick and to see what is possible on the slackline. The Slackline Visions crew was many including some slackline ladies that have a crazy style of their own. The slackers included Giulia, Jess and Ty for the girls and Kyle, Keegan and Josh for the guys. When we were done with the slackline demonstration the kids were already lined up waiting to take their turn on the line. The strategy when spotting lately has been for every 15 or so people you spot you switch, because by then your arms feel like they about to fall off. So taking turns with Jess and Tyler worked out great!  Thanks  guys for your help. All and all it was a great day, the  weather was beautiful and lots of people and families were out having a good time. Thanks to the Sierra Club and to everyone at UpaDowna for making this event happen in order to support and bring the community together.