Mountain of the Sun

21 09 2011











Slackline Visions was invited by Upadowna to be a part of the first of many years to come of the “ Mountain of the Sun Music Festival” which promotes good music, outdoor education/sustainability and of course good beer drinking provided by Upadowna. And for those looking for a break in the music, Slackline Visions was there for some extra entertainment as well as education in linking the mind and body through balance. Sarah, Marcus, Tyler, Eliot and myself were really excited about this new event in Woodland Park. If you are at all into music then you are going to want to be apart of this annual event called “Mountain of the Sun”. For being its first year, the turnout was great. The people attending enjoyed themselves by drinking good beer, dancing to the music and taking in the beautiful wooded landscape that surrounded the venue. Along with the property came a stunning view of Pikes Peak that dominates the skyline at 14,110 ft high. The Festival started at 10:00am and went till 9:00pm. As for Slackline Visions we were there all day, eventually taking down in the dark. Since we didn’t bring the A-frames we set two lines up on the rather large aspen trees that were right next to the stage. One line was a little over 50ft long and the other was about 10ft long and less than a foot off of the ground, which the kids at the festival went crazy for. After realizing we had the best seats in the house, we were shocked to hear they provided good food throughout the day for all of the volunteers at the festival. While we were there we had run into a lot of college students who said that they have big groups of people slacklining all the time on campus, so it was nice to see others being able to walk the line with their own style of slacklining. Slackline Visions would like to thank the Pikes Peak Community Foundation and Aspen Valley Ranch for inviting us to be a part of this wonderful event!    
Brought to you by Slackline Visions
Written by Josh Beaudoin




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