Mile High Youth Corps

27 09 2011

This event came about after I met Eliska, the programs manager of the Mile High Youth Corps, at the Rocky Grass festival. Since we are both into inspiring and cultivating the youth, we decided on having a slackline workshop for her students. We decided on two 1.5 hour workshops for the group of 30 students. For this event I choose Marcus Nelson, a very prominent young slackliner, with a unique style of his own to come and help with this workshop. For this workshop we set up six (6) GIBBON sport lines and three (3) traditional slacklines for the the students to choose from. We had every version of the GIBBONS line and two different versions of the traditional one inch set up. Marcus and I split each class into two different groups. Marcus working on their techniques and balance skills on the line and I worked with them on their stationary balance skills, breathing techniques and their range of focus with the other devices we bring to the slackline workshops. The spot that we chose to have the workshop at could not have been better, it seemed that someone had planted the trees in a certain way 20 years ago just for slacklining. The trees were all in a row about 30 to 40 ft apart and 15 ft to the sides, which made it a perfect distance to set up beginner and moderate slacklines. We did use tree protection at all the anchor points to insure the integrity of the slacklines while the students practiced their slackline skills on the line. Since this activity also served as a team building workshop, the students were instructed on how to partner up and spot their teammate in order to keep things safe. By the end of each session there were a few students who took several controlled steps, while most wanted to learn some break dancing moves on the line, as there were breakers in each class. By the time Marcus and I ended each session the students seemed excited about the idea to start their own after- school slackline session. So it looks like in the weeks to come, there will be another slackline club to add to the list of the already many clubs that are a part of Colorado schools. Slackline Visions would like to thank Eliska, the programs manager, for making this event possible, and we also thank the students at The Mile High Youth Corps for participating and engaging in this unique Slackline workshop.Brought to you by Slackline Visions Written by Josh Beaudoin




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