Golden River Line

11 10 2011


The Golden river line is always a fun line to set up in between events in order to spice things up a bit. When set up diagonally across the river, the line is about 75 feet long, 4 feet above the river at the ends and 6 inches over the water in the middle. The water was 2ft deep  in spots and because of the rocks beneath the water it was best to keep your shoes on in case of a fall. Since the slackline was just skimming the surface of the water, there was no room left to catch the line. In the event of a fall, you are either on the line or in the water.


The slackline crew today consisted of Quinn, Marcus, Mickey, Tyler, Adam, John and myself. A mixed group of slackers with more or less the same objective, to find freedom while on the line. Four slackliners out of the group were actually from the CSM slackline club, a club with over 200 slackers  on the email list. After Mickey and I pulled the line to tension, the only thing left to do was to walk across. I went first and made it to the other side, followed by Mickey who cruised it as well. Tyler was next in line to go, with this being the craziest thing he has attempted to walk, he was ready to give it his best. After attempting the line several times with each time ending up in the water about 10 ft out, Tyler was ready to pass the turn on to Marcus. Marcus choose to go bare foot for this walk in order to get a better feel of the line while sacrificing shoes that could potentially protect his feet from the rocks if he were to fall in. So in short it was a pretty intense walk, everyone watching held their breath while Marcus took each step slowly and with much focus. Finally making it to the other end you could hear a big sigh of release, as everyone cheered his successful walk. Quinn, who was in desperate need of a root canal, was up next. Despite the pain he was in he made walking over the water quite easy. Walking a water line such as this one has crazy psychological challenges that come with it. If we were to set up a line in the park similar in distance and height,  everyone who was there to attempt the creek line would have rocked it. All around it was a great day to be out and around so many people that share the same passion as you do. Slacklining has always been a good way to connect with great people, and what better way to do that then under the bridge over the river and.
Brought to you by Slackline Visions
Written by Josh Beaudoin




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