23 10 2011


In case you were wondering what is going on in the picture above, well that’s my buddy Dylan on his way back from establishing a new highline trying to cross a very very cold river. Needless to say it was a chilling experience!

This weekend turned out to be a busy couple days establishing two new highlines in Golden, Colorado. The first one was about 8 months in the making after I had noticed the gap on my trips to Breckenridge. The next step was a recon mission with good buddies Anthony and Mike. After discovering that it was possible, the decision was to come back and create a spot for the anchors. So 4 months later Slackline Visions and crew Scott, Quinn, Dylan, Sara and myself got the gear packed up  and successfully got the job done! Besides the walk itself, which we did not have time for, the toughest part of the day was getting back and forth across the river. After looking up and down the river for a suitable place to cross, it became apparent that the only way was to strip down to undies and ford the river. There was definitely sun- shine all day but some of the coldest water I have ever been in. So the picture above best explains it, Dylan who pushes the highlining side of things at Slackline Visions, is crossing back over the creek and unfortunately fell in with his heavy backpack. After shivering himself dry it was to the car for some warm clothes. Hence the name “Cold Creek” highline. 182ft long and 100ft off the ground.

The next morning Tyler, Elliott, David and myself woke up early to establish another highline that has been long in the making as well. A year ago David Stallman, the Vice President of the CSM slackline club had told me about a possible highline that he had noticed while climbing a route in Clear Creek. After looking at it from below we both concluded that it was possible to establish a highline. One year later and with the help of four people, we all climbed to the top of the 400ft sport climb and made it happen. Since it took most of the day to locate and establish the anchor points, this line will have to wait just a little while longer before it sees its first accent. The name of the line is still undecided per Davids request until someone walks it. It is roughly 90ft long and an epic 400ft up. Can’t wait to send these new highlines! These two highlines will be a good addition to the slackline community, but keep in mind that as the sport of highlining grows, we should be careful regarding access issues, follow leave no trace policies and please be safe with your rigging.

Brought to you by Slackline Visions
Written by Josh Beaudoin




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