SlacklineVisions is a small group of slackline enthusiasts, based out of Colorado’s Front Range, who are dedicated to the education and promotion of the sport of slackline. In addition to providing valuable resources on our blog, facebook, and website we reach out through a variety of “official” and “unofficial” community events. We strive to cultivate the slackline community small & large, and seek to help all people realize the fun, challenge, and illumination that is slacklining.

Our goal at Slackline Visions is to expose the positive effects slacklining has to offer and to promote the slackline community  through film, events and workshops. Our purpose is to become a source of general slackline information and stories of this so called slackline lifestyle.

Slackline Visions History– Slackline Visions was founded in 2009 by Josh Beau. Slackline Visions goal is to support the slacklining community in any way shape or form. From slackline presentations at REI to consulting with gyms on slackline set ups to teaching balance workshops within the school systems Slackline Visions is there to bridge the gap for the people who are unaware of the benefits that slacklining has to offer.

Contact Info:  Slackline.josh@gmail.com


Name: Josh Beaudoin – Founder of Slackline Visions

Age: 29

Height: 6 ft

Location: Colorado

Years slacklining:  5 years

Website: Slackline Visions

Facebook: Slackline Visions

Interests: Sport and trad climbing, mountaineering, camping and hanging with friends

I was introduced to slacklining in 2006 by my good friends, Zach McKendry and Dustin Waltz. At first I didn’t think much was possible but once I stepped onto the slackline I was hooked, walking back and forth right away. That night I went and bought my own line at REI. Two years later I was in REI buying 280ft of webbing when an associate who was helping me said he had never heard of a line being stretched so far before and suggested I come in and give a

presentation about the sport of slackline. From there Slackline Visions was born,  a company dedicated to supporting and cultivating all forms of slacklining through installs, balance workshops, presentations, competitions, various types of media and events.

Slacklining could be said to cultivate the purest form of balance, while refining our action and reaction as well as increasing ones range of focus. Slacklining is a tool to search from within as part of a higher learning concept. Slacklining has helped me to find my inner peace, and completely change my life. I have and will continue to enjoy watching the sport of slacklining progress and will be there to help and support the slackline community whenever and wherever I can.







Name: Marcus Nelson

Age: 20

Height: 6’5

Location: Golden, Colorado

Years slacklining: 1.5 yrs

Status: Colorado School of Mines

Interests: Skateboarding, longboarding, snowboarding, rock climbing, and springboard diving. I also really enjoy trampolines and gymnastics.

I lived in Washington State before coming to Colorado and I was very excited to be in an area with such good snowboarding and other outdoor activities. On the first day of school freshman year, I tried slacklining for the first time. I wasn’t very good but told myself that I was going to keep practicing because it seemed like a really cool sport. It has been a little bit over a year and slacklining has become a huge part of my life. Not only has this become one of my favorite sporting activities but slacklining is a great mental and physical cross trainer for all the other sports that I do. This year I have started to walk some highlines and waterlines.  The feeling of successfully sending a difficult line is incredible and hard to match. I am excited and anxious to see what lies ahead in my journey of slacklining.

Marcus has helped out and volunteered his time at many of the Slackline Visions events. In the year and a half he has been slacklining he has definitely come along way, standing in at 6’5 he is quite the trickliner and highliner.


2 responses

27 07 2011
Quinn Carrasco

Hey! I just moved to Golden (don’t have a house yet so I have technically moved here) and I wanna find people to slackline and highline with. My email address is listed but I more commonly use facebook. Lemme know if you wanna let me come slackline with you.

4 08 2011

Hey Quinn

Welcome to Golden! Yes lets get together soon, I will be around next week to slack, lets set something up. What are your preferences do you like waterlines, highlines or just a line in the park. email is at slackline.josh@gmail.com hope to hear from you soon, Josh

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