Parfet Park Longline this Sunday May 9

6 05 2010

This coming Sunday May 9th, we’ll be meeting at Parfet Park in Golden, CO to setup a 150′ longline. We’ll be meeting late Sunday morning and plan to have slacklines up by noon. In addition to the longline, we’ll more than likely have another shorter slackline for throwing down tricks and practicing on. If you are interested in slacklining and want to hang out, then stop by Parfet Park this Sunday May 9th at noon.

Directions & Map to Parfet Park here.

If you haven’t ever tried out an extra long slackline over 100′ in length (longline), then you might not be aware of the unique difficulties they pose. Because longlines are so long, they need to be really tight and be rigged higher off the ground to account for displacement in the middle. This certainly adds to the challenge and creates high, more dramatic falls. If anything, longlines are unforgiving. The video below briefly illustrates some of the difficulties of walking a longline. The longline shown is the exact line that we will be setting up this weekend.


Golden Spire Gap

3 05 2010

The Golden Spire Gap is a fairly “well-known” highlining spot located in Golden Colorado. Golden Spire itself is just off the west side of Table Mesa, which overshadows Golden. Certainly not the longest line in the world, but high enough to get your heart racing and enough to challenge your mental steel. Please enjoy the video below.

On another note, with the weather improving, we are certainly looking to get out as often as possible to setup some sort of slacklining rig. Whether it be a longline, highline, or trickline, check back every Thursday to get the update on where we’ll be heading out to for the weekend. We would be excited to meet up with you on our next slackline escapade, regardless of your experience. If you are on facebook, join our group, the Leaping Lemurs Slackline Club to get updates and to meet fellow slackers!


26 04 2010

Welcome to the Slackline Visions Blog, where you’ll find weekly posts on the local slacklining scene in Colorado’s Front Range. This week we have a brief video clip of our friend Anthony doing a first ascent of Leaf Debris, a highline located in Penitente Canyon.

We went down to Penitente Canyon in southern Colorado this past February with the intention of walking a new highline. After much, exploration, weathering of the cold, and perseverance, we found a suitable gap, rigged a line, and attempted to walk it. It was quite the journey, with hard filming conditions, but in the end we at least came away with this one nice take of the first walk of the Leaf Debris gap.