Our goal at Slackline Visions is to expose the positive effects slacklining has to offer and to promote the slackline community  through film, events and workshops.Slackline Visions supports all forms of slacklining the traditional one inch slackline, the two inch Gibbon slacklines, longlining and highlining. Our purpose is to become a source of general slackline information and stories of this so called slackline lifestyle.
Available Events and Classes

  • Slackline workshops
  • Advanced workshops
  • Slackline Demos
  • Slideshows and presentations
  • Slackline cross-training classes
  • Develop and setup competitions

Benefits of slacklining

  1. Team building skills, learning to work together by spotting one another and setting up.
  2. Being in the moment through our ability to stay focused in stressful environments.
  3. Learning useful knots and rope handling skills.
  4. Cultivating confidence while working through positive challenges.
  5. To be inspired and to inspire those around them through positive encouragement.
  6. To learn about gravity and how we fight back through the study of balance, by slacklining.

Cross training
Slacklining is a great activity for everyone as it helps to stimulate the mind and body. Slacklining has the ability to enhance all of our senses. Our bodies reaction time, our ability to stay focused under stress, to be able to breathe under pressure and to manipulate the body through the mind in order to stay relaxed on a dynamic surface. Every activity we human beings do right down to walking has us constantly capturing our body’s center of gravity. Slacklining helps us to refine that process.

Why balance is important

Balance is essential to our everyday lives. Keeping our body and mind in a constant state of equilibrium ensures our ability to enjoy life to the fullest no matter what environment you find yourself in. So come and join Slackline Visions on this slackline journey, and experience the enlightened sense that slacklining brings, to create your own vision of what slacklining is to you.

Contact Info
If you have any questions about events, work shops or about slacklining feel free to email  at Slackline Visions has several types of social networks that are available for you to follow. They are the Slackline Visions blog, the .com and face book page (the Slackline Visions face book is set up as a company)


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